Joe Longstreet

An inventor / maker living in Kansas City, Missouri


punching faces

Ever want to just punch faces? Yeah, me too. Facepunch allows you to look at a photo and swing wildly at you computer monitor with your fist. You'll be rewarded with amazing sounds and visuals.

Who do you want to punch? Having a hard time coming up with ideas? Ask the app to pull in a list of your Facebook friends and I’m sure you’ll be inspired.

Facepunch requires a second screen to work, meaning you'll need both a mobile device and a computer mointor.

I created this project because I wanted to experiment with the accelerometer and gyroscope within handheld devices. The mobile front end uses a websocket to quickly communicate punch events to a server. The server then finds the correct client side listener and passes along the message. Hopefully you'll enjoy a speedy experience!

The code is open source and available as a github repo.